Bethany Beach

Every year for the past 10ish years my family has been vacationing at Bethany Beach. It’s been great to be able to grow up spending a whole week once a week with all my cousins (15 of us total), aunts, uncles, and grandparents. We have created so many memories and it’s always fun to go back and see just how much we’ve gown up. One of the my favorite things about our annual trip to the beach was the time I would get to spend with my grandmother. Nana, as all the grandkids called her, was the perfect woman and one of my favorite people to spend time with. She was a well of wise advise, cheerfulness, laughter, and encouragement. This January she passed away after a short  battle with cancer. I really miss her and going to the beach this year was heart wrenching. Mourning is good and it’s good for me to take time to miss her, but I know that as I continue to grow up she’ll be watching me. So these pictures are a dedication to Nana who always cheered me on to follow my dreams. 



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